Flexcel - simple report, on dataset - very, very slow

New user. On simple query to TClientDataSet. 176 records. One TFlexCelReport. One XLSAdapter. Simple template with one record per line and four fields.

Report takes over a minute to run. What am I doing wrong?

Before anything, if you have one XlsAdapter and one TFlexCelReport, then you have installed FlexCel 3, not 7. It can be a little confusing on the download page, but you have to select "Latest registered version", not "FlexCel Studio v3" :

Now, about the problem, not matter the version of FlexCel, this is of course a too slow speed, it should be instant. Do you have the TDataSets connected to a grid or something and they update when you run the report? That can add some time, but even so, 1 minute is still too slow for 176 records. Can you post an example, either here or send it to adrian@tmssoftware.com so I can investigate what is wrong?

To make the example, if you are reading from a db, to a TClientDataset,you can save the data in the TClientDataSet as xml, so you don't need to send the db.

have installed correctly as you instructed. Thanks.

The Flexcel tab only has one visual component though: TFlexcelPreviewer.

What have I done wrong?


Nothing wrong, that is ok.
FlexCel 5 changed all non-visual components to simple classes (see Migrating From FlexCel 3 | FlexCel Studio for VCL and FireMonkey documentation )

Take a look at Getting Started with FlexCel Studio for VCL and FireMonkey | FlexCel Studio for VCL and FireMonkey documentation to see how to create a simple report with FlexCel 7. (and don't forget to look at the demos)