Flexcel FILTER function issue


I am currently encountering an issue with Flexcel. When I have a FILTER function in my excel files and I save it using Flexcel, it doesn't seem to be recalculated even though the documentation says otherwise.

It doesn't seem to be the only function not working, since I also have the issue with the UNQUE function.

Here is the output file after having completed the values :
TestFilter.xlsx (189.9 KB)

Is there any way to make it working I am not aware of ?

Filter itself works, as you can see if you change the formula to


The problem is that what we don't support yet is dynamic arrays (Dynamic array formulas and spilled array behavior - Microsoft Support) which are really needed to make filter useful (unique doesn't have this problem)

Sadly dynamic arrays work in a complete different way than the rest of Excel formulas, and to support them we need a full rewrite of our calculation engine, so they aren't in our short-term plans. (we are working for them for a FlexCel 8 release, but as said, this is no simple task and we need to rewrite a 20-year old codebase to support it, while making sure we don't break any existing corner cases, which Excel has thousands).