Fixed row color...



I can set the fixed row font color with the FixedFont propertym works great.
How to set the fixed row cell color? Must I use custom drawing?



Grid.FixedColor or per cell via grid.Colors[col,row]: TColor

Thanks for the response.

Yeah FixedColor was the first property I tried, no joy. Maybe another setting is preventing it.

grid.Colors[col,row]: TColor does work.

Please inform then about your non default grid settings

Interesting question.

I created a new form, dropped a TAdvStringGrid on the form, set the FixedColor to red and the fixed cells are not red.

I see this is related to grid.Look.  Set grid.Look = glCustom and then you can set the color of the gradient of fixed cells with

Thanks, that works.
FixedColor is now...not used?

Set grid.Look to glStandard and you can also use grid.FixedColor