Fix size positions


If overlaped items in same positions, size of selected positions change to more size.

How to fix size positions?


I'm not sure what you mean. Selection in the Planner is indepdent from the items in positions.
Can you provide more details / step by step info on how to see the problem you experience?

I'm inserting items by code in planner.

If two or more items are overlaped,the size of the column (position) will increase.

How do I prevent this increase size of column when insert two or more items at same cell  making fix the size of the column?


This is not the default behavior.
I can only assume you had set Planner.PositionAutoSize = true that causes this behavior. If you do not want this, set Planner.PositionAutoSize = false.

It's true...

I was a bit lost....