Fix columns and/or rows


i couldn't find the function to fix rows or columns in a sheet.

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By fixing you refer to autofitting? If so, the functions are:

Make sure to also read: FlexCel API Developer Guide | FlexCel Studio for VCL and FireMonkey documentation

If you were referring to something else, please let me know.


thanks for your fast response.

I mean fix Coumns, which you can see also if you scroll.

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Ah, you are looking for TXlsFile.FreezePanes Method | FlexCel Studio for VCL and FireMonkey documentation

But remember, for all this stuff the simplest way is to use APIMate. Just create an empty file in Excel, freeze the panes, then save the file and open it in APIMate (search for APIMate in the start menu). It will tell you the commands you need to do in FlexCel to do the same as you did in Excel. Just use APIMate with simple files with the feature you want, or you will get a lot of code.

Oh, that's helpful
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APIMate is Flexcel's magic feature. Even with Adrian's speedy response to questions, it's the best and quickest place to look for answers.