Are there any plans for support of Delphi XE's new Firemonkey in your VCL TMS components?
Currently I'm developing on Windows platform. But with the new possibility of Firemonkey I could also extend my product portfolio to Mac/iOS. Also other platforms in the future like Linux / Android / WP7.
How does tmssoftware sees this trend?


We'll soon announce more details on plans. FireMonkey is an entirely different framework from VCL. It is not desirable to create direct ports of VCL components as the architecture of such components would not fit in the FireMonkey framework. The proper design requires a rewrite from scratch from controls and this will clearly take a significant amount of time, resources, money. Take in account that it took 16 years to bring the VCL to the level we have today. Our team has been working on the first steps in the past months and will soon reveal the first results!