Firebird users and connection pool


i'm trying to get evidence of what i think could be true, but i don't achieve my goal.

Suppose i have 100 different users registrated for a Firebird server / db. I don't want to use SYSDBA for the connection via TRemoteDb (i use Firedac adapter), so i connect via the registrated Firebird USERS.

The question is: the TRemoteDb pool acts in a way that User XXXX can reuse the connection already established by User YYYY ?

I'm trying to make tests to have evidence that the answer is "YES" (as i suppose), but until now i can't reproduce that reuse of a db connection. But, i'm not sure that this can signify that there is NO reuse for different Firebird Users, maybe i'm only making the wrong tests.

So... someone already has a definitive answer ?

Thank, Ciao !


Answer is NO. But there are plans to make it a YES in future (probably with an option to turn it on/off).

What can happen is that user XXXX can use different connections, but those connections would not be shared with different clients.
Thank you Wagner, you have made my day !!

We had built an internal utility that create triggers in db. These triggers logs every insert/update/delete for every field of every record. Because of your "NO", in log table we can store also the CURRENT_USER value of Firebird database, that is the user that made the insert / update / delete operation. Also the GDPR guys are now happy !

Thanks, ciao !