Firebird 2.5 to 3.0

  I'm using Firebird 2.5, to upgrade to Firebird 3.0, what i need to do?
  Add  "Aurelius.SQL.FireBird3" to uses? and what about "Aurelius.Schema.FireBird3"? Same "exe" can deal with firebird 2.5 and 3.0?
  For now i just don't use "Boolean" but i use "Generators"
  I have some doubts, because without any change to my code, everything seams to work.


It's just like changing to any other database. Aurelius just tells one database from another from the dialect. But since it will probably not be able to get the SQL dialect automatically from the FireDAC connection, it's always safe that you make it explicit by using the second parameter of the connection adapter (see here:

MyConnection := TFireDacConnectionAdapter.Create(FDConnection1, 'FIREBIRD3', False);

The differences between Firebird3 and Firebird dialect are listed here:

So probably you have to set UseBoolean and UseIdentity to false to keep compatibility.
BUT, if you are going to disable both properties and going to use it like Firebird 2.5, maybe you just don't need to change anything - you are using FB3 like FB2.5 and all you change is the connection.

Ok, thanks