Find png in TPictureContainer

I have a TPicturecontainer with a lot of png files (don't know how much). I then add a few.
Now how do I find / reference the correct png file quickly? Can I look for it by name? Is that quick enough?

TPictureContainer has a FindPicture and FindBitmap function that allows you to search for the image you have added by name. If you are using virtual mode, you can use this technique to pass through the image. The performance depends on how many PNG images you have added.

Thank you. I also noticed it is possible to add a picture twice. With the same name.
I will be keeping hundreds of small pngs in a container for fast canvasdrawing.
I also hope you will consider expanding the functionality of the editor soon to make it more usable as I suggested in the 'New functionality' topic.

There is currently not a detection on double names. We'll also take this up in the list of possible enhancements for an update of this PictureContainer.