Filters does not seem to work correctly

I'm using the lib from github, trying to do this:

procedure TCloudScore.List(aSkill: Integer; aStartDate: string; aEndDate: string; aCount: Integer);
  if not FConnected then Exit;
  FTable.Filters.Add('Skill', aSkill, coEqual, loAnd);
  FTable.Filters.Add('Date', aStartDate, coGreaterOrEqual, loAnd);
  FTable.Filters.Add('Date', aEndDate, coLessOrEqual, loNone);
  FTable.Sorting.Add('Score', soDescending);
  FTable.PageSize := aCount;

This will just crash on the loNone line. I can change it to loAnd and it will then run, but the filtering does not seem to work correctly. I simply want to filter on skill, in between the date range and sort by the score. Any ideas about this? 

with loNone there, it says something about http 1.1/400 bad request exception. 

I have not been able to reproduce this issue.

Can you please enable Logging and provide the LOG file so I can further investigate this?

Logging can be enabled by setting Logging to True and LogLevel to llDetail.
The LOG file is generated automatically in the machine's Documents folder.

I'm  using the version from github:

Is there logging in this version? 

Ok, upon further tests, I see this exception error:

MyCloudData Exception: 070: Error retrieving records. Incorrect syntax near 'Date'...

Ok, looking at function TmyCloudDataEntityFilter.OperatorAsString(AOperator: TComparisonOperator): string;

The >= and <= conversion is backwards

In function TmyCloudDataEntityFilter.OperatorAsString(AOperator: TLogicalOperator): string;

when loNone is used, its set to a empty string, this seems to cause the bad http 1.1/400 error. 

In function TmyCloudDataTable.ExecuteQuery(AQuery: TmyCloudDataEntityQuery): TmyCloudDataEntityQueryResult;

This line:
Result.TotalResults := StrToInt(LCountStringValue)

Needs to be:
              if LCountStringValue <> '' then
                Result.TotalResults := StrToInt(LCountStringValue)
                Result.TotalResults := 0;

loNone does not seem to be a supported opeator so I removed it from the set and from:
function TmyCloudDataEntityFilter.OperatorAsString(AOperator: TLogicalOperator): string;

so it only works with loAnd and loOr

In my test table I have:
  CS.Post('Player1', 1, 10, '2018/10/20', 'USA');
  CS.Post('Player2', 1, 20, '2018/10/21', 'Russia');
  CS.Post('Player3', 1, 30, '2018/10/22', 'China');
  CS.Post('Player4', 1, 40, '2018/10/23', 'France');
  CS.Post('Player5', 1, 50, '2018/10/24', 'England');

so a date from /20 to /24 and if I do:
CS.List(1, '2018/10/20)', '2018/10/21', 10);

it should return the 1st two records, but it does not. Only 21. I have to do:
CS.List(1, '2018/10/19)', '2018/10/21', 10); 

in order to return /20 and /21 which are in the logical range of >= 2018/10/20 and <= 2018/10/21. Not sure what is up with this. I can live with that I guess.

But it seems the github lib needs to be looked over and fixed. The last commit was 2 years ago it looks like??

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