FilterEdit position

While this feature is very useful it is very badly placed. When I set EditFilter->Enabled it rewrites row 0 where my columns names are placed. For example:

I still need column names to be visible since user needs to know those! And then I need manually to set another fixed row, write the column names in code etc. etc. This really takes time, especially when having many tables.

Is it possible to avoid all this and simply when seting EditFilter->Enabled to have something like this:

Notice that I have EditFilter above row 0 and my users can see the column names. But again, I did all this manually and it would be nice to have this automatically?

Did you try to set

grid.FixedRows = 2
grid.FilterEdit.Row = 1
grid.FilterEdit.Enabled = true

Yes. But in that case I still need to write column names in the second fixed row manually.

hope you see that this could be automatized on a component level since
it is really a waste of time to do all this manually. Almost all other
grid components I have encountered have this implemented in a very nice way:


I'm not sure I understand your remark. The column names are in row 0 and the filter inputs in row 1. I cannot see why the column name would have to be repeated in row 1 and enabling the filter edit doesn't affect column names in row 0.