FilterDef with Array


I would like to build a filter with a IN SQL Statement, e.g.

  [FilterDef('Folder', '{FolderID} IN (:FolderID)')]
  [FilterDefParam('Folder', 'FolderID', TypeInfo(TArray<Integer>))]

But I didn't find any possible solution for this.
I can build a Subselect, in the filter for this, but I think the performance will be increase.

Any suggestions for this?

Thanks in advance.

That is not possible indeed. You have to use single-valued parameters.

there are no changes to this behaviour right now, right?

I would need such a possibility to...
My solution looks like this right now:
'{Kind} not in (select string_to_table(:Kind, '',''))'
but this is postgres special, so it would be nice if TValue-arrays would be supported...

No, it stays the same.