filter do not work

This is my filter code where a TXDataWebDataSet.

PROCEDURE TInkaUserMainForm.KR_Order_IBollVinstUT;
s1, s2: STRING;
s1 := '?$filter=SpelDatum eq ' +
s1 := s1 + ' and Bana eq ' + QuotedStr(WebDBComboBox_Bana.Text);
s1 := s1 + ' and Boll eq ' + QuotedStr(IntToStr(pIDBoll)); // has value 1
s2 := s1 + '&$orderby=IBollVinstUT DESC';
WDS_InkaResult.QueryString := s2;
whatsNext := C_KR_IBollVinstUT; // this is to come to next in WDS_InkaResult
WDS_InkaResult.Close; // this leads to ..Load and futher on to a rutin where I
// look at WDS_InkaResult.

This is from the Database

I was counting on that WDS_InkaResult should have 3 records and that the record with indianID =1 Should be the first
But I get all 7 and indianID=1 is not the first
Fhat am I doing wrong

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