FillPattern.Pattern := TFlxPatternStyle.Gradient;


do you have an excample for a gradient Collor. I tried like this:

procedure TSammle.SetFormatColorGradiant(aXls : TXlsFile; aRow, aCol : integer);
FlxFormat : TFlxFormat;
XF : Integer;
ExcelGradient : IExcelGradient;
FlxFormat := aXls.GetFormat(aXls.GetCellFormat(aRow, aCol));
FlxFormat.FillPattern.Pattern := TFlxPatternStyle.Gradient;
ExcelGradient := VCL.FlexCel.Core.TExcelLinearGradient_Create;
FlxFormat.FillPattern.Gradient := ExcelGradient;
FlxFormat.FillPattern.FgColor := Colors.Red;
FlxFormat.FillPattern.BgColor := Colors.Olive;
XF := aXls.AddFormat(FlxFormat);
aXls.SetCellFormat(aRow, aCol, XF);

but this doesn't work.

best regards,

Once again, APIMate is your friend. Create the file in Excel, set a gradient, then open the file in APIMate.
You need to set the stops inside the ExcelGradient variable (the FgColor/BgColor will be ignored, because a gradient can have many colors, not just 2). But again, for this stuff just use APIMate. It's what I use myself when there is complex stuff to be done.

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