Field needs a name - Error

The Dataset (TWebClientDataSet) is throwing an error of "Field needs a name".

If I use a fetch fields, it fetches and shows all the fields, and if I add them, they all have a name, so I am a little confused as to what is causing this error.

I also did a view as text and reviewed the code to make sure there was nothing hiding there, but all looks normal.


So, it persisted the fields in your DFM file , all with name, field type, etc...?

We'll need some more details in order to be able to determine what exactly is happening in your project.

Yes,, This has been resolved. Active was set to True prior to compiling, thus it was attempting to pull data using a malformed URL  and the results it was getting was not what it expected. After changing the Active to False, the issue went away.

Thanks for informing.