[Fatal Error] source map must be a JSON object

hello. This is HealthHub.
Since the TMS WEB Core version update, the following error occurs when building in Debug mode.
In Release mode, it builds normally.

[Fatal Error] source map must be a JSON object

We'll share a screen capture and the project js and js.map.

Maybe it is related to this? Not sure that helps very much though.

In the map file, remove the following )]}' syntax from the map file and validate it at https://jsonlint.com/, which will confirm with "Validate JSON".

For your information.
There are 7 TMS WEB Core projects in Health Hub.
Three of them are experiencing JSON Object error in Debug mode.
The 3 projects that are experiencing the problem have a larger project size than the other 4 projects.

I selected the project with the largest map file size among the four TMS WEB Core projects that build normally without any errors and tested it.

  1. Test method
    I kept adding .pas files until I got the error "[Fatal Error] source map must be a JSON object".

For more information, see the URL link below.
TMS WEB Core > Bubild Error by Debug Mode > TEST

The cause of the problem I reviewed seems to be that the internal JSON validation module (generated map file) fails to validate due to "buffer full" when the map file is larger than a certain size.