Failure to install FMX FNC Cloud Pack

Hi there,
When trying to install the FNC Cloud Pack v1.3.2.2 under Delphi 10.4 Pro (Windows 10), I get the error [dcc32 Fehler] FMX.TMSFNCCloudDemoListBox.pas(2053):E2053 Nicht genügend wirkliche Parameter

When setting "//" infront of that line, it compiles and installs the components. However, I am not sure how important that line ("ProcessTouchScrolling := TRUE") is for now, however, is there a workaround, as I don't think that this line is not necessary.

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The code is by our build system guaranteed to compile against a clean IDE.
Are you sure there is no old code still somewhere in your library path?
Also, you should not need to compile the packages for install. Our installer is doing this.

Hi Bruno,

Thanks for your quick reply. I have installed the packages again and added the search path within Delphi manually. Now it works without any error messages.

Again, thanks very much for the quick reply and best regards,