Extend TAdvGridImportDialog to offer field matching.

In cases where you allow import from different applications that export a CSV file but the fields are not a 1 to 1 match of your own grid, it be nice to have it offer which fields of the CSV match up to which fields in the Grid it imports to (using column name). It may only be a subset of items that exist in the CSV.

It would be done in the dialog - could have a drop down for each column from the target grid fields that relates to which CSV field. It may be better to data source since some of the grid columns may be manually created like showing an icon based on an iconidex in another field.

Am I correct this can mean that possibly columns in the CSV file might be mapped to non consecutive columns in the grid? In this case, the grid.LoadFromCSV() will also not be usable from this importdialog.
In other words, if this is the case, it would rather imply a fully new development.

yes, that is true, the order may be different as well. maybe have a version that doesn't import to the grid automatically but can be used as a "getfirst()", "getnext()" type of thing where the programmer can handle each record as well.