Expot of plot area to image with size adjustement


I made application for plotting some data, however it's main purpose is
to print plot area. I use rave report which support only .bmp and meta file
pictures. I use AdvGDIPChartView.SaveToImage to export plot area to .bmp.
My question is since image is dependent on size of form, how could i save image
that would always have same size of plot area, regardless of screen size?

I hope question is clear enough.


You could set the size of the AdvGDIPChartView to a fixed size before saving the image:

AdvGDIPChartView1.Width := 400;
AdvGDIPChartView1.Height := 400;

  AdvGDIPChartView1.SaveToImage('C:\temp\test.bmp', AdvGDIPChartView1.Width, AdvGDIPChartView1.Height);

and then revert it back to the original size?

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I tried the idea, but there was no success.

Thanks for reply.

My apologise, it worked, i just missed fact that align property was set to client, so i just set width and height to tabsheet.

Thanks for support.