Expose sbVert TScrollBar object

I am emulating Delphi's editor, and in order to vertically scroll using Ctrl+ArrowUp and Ctrl+ArrowDn, I have exposed a few properties.  I realize this is not true oop, but unless I am missing something, I don't have a choice.

In order to access some protected properties/methods I use this in a locally scoped section of the unit:

  TInternalAdvMemo = Class(TAdvMemo)

Then in the On Key Down method of they key trap:

  If (ssCtrl In Shift) And (Key = VK_DOWN)  Then Begin
    i := FAdvMemo.TopLine+1 ;
  End Else If (ssCtrl In Shift) And (Key = VK_UP) Then Begin
    i := FAdvMemo.TopLine - 1 ;

I also moved
   sbVert, sbHorz: TScrollBar;
from line 1212 in AdvMemo.pas (Private section) to line  1497 (Protected section).

If your next release could make these things a little easier to access, that would be helpful.


Thanks for this good suggestion. We can confirm the next update of TAdvMemo will have this behavior directly built-in.