Export misses associations

I am export a failry complex model to Aurelius classes. It appears not all associations are actually included in the generated class file. One of the associations in question show up in the diagram.

The "Relationship Properties" dialog does not show any weird things or so. I see a PrimaryKey as parent key, the parent and child  table entires also seem to be correct.

Any ideas where to start digging?


Hard to tell. Maybe you could send me an e-mail with the Data Modeler project attached, and point me out which association was not exported? 

Some things to check: 
a) verify if you're not asking for 1:1 relationship to be generated as inheritance. 
b) are we talking here about association (N:1) or manyvaluedassociation (1:N)?
c) are you sure the association is not disable in the export dialog?

a) it's a 1:N relationship

b) I am looking at the "1" end  of an 1:N relationship. I have a "TSurvey" class that should have many "TQuestion". Something like TSurvey.QuestionList is what I am missing.

Unfortunately the Modeler Trial does not allow to save... 

All lists are disabled by default. You must enable them in the Aurelius export dialog (tab "Mappings", sub-tab "Many-Valued Associations"

Uhm - this is not practical. My model has about 130 Entities ...

Is there some global switch to turn them on default? Why are they turned off anyway? Are there any "risks" to have them?