Exclude GUID Fields from passed Dataset


we want to pass a previous filtered and specified Dataset to a Flexcell Report.
We are currently doing so by passing the Dataset via the function "AddTable".
Since we're using GUID fields to navigate and Jump to Detail Records in our program we're now facing the problem, that these Guids are in our Excel File as well.
I was wondering if there is a simple way to "ignore" all Guid fields in our Report so that these are not included in our Report?
Thank you and kind regards,

I assume you are using generic datasets ( <#db.*> ) because for normal reports, you have to explicitly name the fields you want (so the solution would be as simple as not to write <#db.field-with-guid> in the report).

If that is the case, <#db.* > dumps everything (that's exactly the idea), so I am not sure on how to exclude some fields. One option I can think, which actually existed in FlexCel 3 but didn't made it to FlexCel 7 could be to have an option to not output fields with Visible=false; for <#db.* >

Would this work in your case? You would have to mark those fields with GUIDS as not Visible, and then they wouldn't be in the Excel file.

Thanks for the fast reply.

I'm using clientdatasets to get Data from the Datasnap Server who gets the Data out of a MS SQL Server. On the Client-Side, i make my filtering and show the Results in a TDbAdvGrid. The next step would be to put these Grids to Excel Files.
In fact i'm passing the Clientdataset to the report, which generates the Excel from the passed Data.
I already tried to make the GUID Fields visible= false because thats how i hide these fields from my dbadvgrid aswell.
I thought for an procedure like OnGetTable or something, where i could disable passed datasets.