Exclude external tables from SchemaValidation?


I have now the situation that I use a tool for database replication based on triggers and config tables which are automatically added to the database which should be replicated.

I am searching for the easiest way to exclude these config tables form the Schema Validation in Aurelius. For now I added a line to the Aurelius source code in Aurelius.Engine.DatabaseManager.pas to the procedure TDatabaseManager.ActionTableRemoved in line 253 to not throw an error for a specific table name pattern.

But I think there might be an easier way more elegant way through Mapping for e.g., right?

A hint would be very useful to search in the right direction.


Hi Florian,

but the database manager doesn't raise any exception if those errors appear. It just gives you them in the Errors property so you can inspect and decide what to do. You can just ignore those errors.