Exception in TAdvSmoothPanel.GDIPPaint

Some of my users get the following exception when they try to run my software. They are all users of Hewlett Packard computers. This happens with various versions of the controls, including the latest. Any suggestions?

exception class   : EInvalidOp
exception message : Invalid floating point operation.

main thread ($1474):
00405026 +006 cumulus.exe  System               564  +0 @ROUND
008a8889 +5b9 cumulus.exe  AdvSmoothPanel       639 +68 TAdvSmoothPanel.GDIPPaint
008a810c +0c8 cumulus.exe  AdvSmoothPanel       519 +44 TAdvSmoothPanel.Paint
004a66df +057 cumulus.exe  Controls                     TCustomControl.PaintWindow
004a0ead +101 cumulus.exe  Controls                     TWinControl.PaintHandler
008aa9be +10e cumulus.exe  AdvSmoothPanel      1642 +38 TAdvSmoothPanel.WMPaint
008aaa56 +1a6 cumulus.exe  AdvSmoothPanel      1655 +51 TAdvSmoothPanel.WMPaint
0049c384 +2d4 cumulus.exe  Controls                     TControl.WndProc
004a0c48 +568 cumulus.exe  Controls                     TWinControl.WndProc
004a02e8 +02c cumulus.exe  Controls                     TWinControl.MainWndProc
0045b9fc +014 cumulus.exe  Classes                      StdWndProc
779a0107 +02b ntdll.dll                                 KiUserCallbackDispatcher
76117885 +00a USER32.dll                                DispatchMessageW
754de73d +021 RPCRT4.dll                                NdrConformantArrayMarshall
75570143 +13e RPCRT4.dll                                NdrClientCall2
779bec5f +063 ntdll.dll                                 bsearch
6f469bc3 +010 tiptsf.dll                                DllGetClassObject
758c9d81 +033 ole32.dll                                 CoCreateInstanceEx
758c9d3a +02f ole32.dll                                 CoCreateInstance
007ee9e0 +084 cumulus.exe  JvToolEdit                   TJvCustomComboEdit.CreateAutoComplete
007eea9f +033 cumulus.exe  JvToolEdit                   TJvCustomComboEdit.CreateWnd
0049fd32 +016 cumulus.exe  Controls                     TWinControl.CreateHandle
007f1cb9 +005 cumulus.exe  JvToolEdit                   TJvFileDirEdit.CreateHandle
0049fff8 +074 cumulus.exe  Controls                     TWinControl.UpdateShowing
004a0026 +0a2 cumulus.exe  Controls                     TWinControl.UpdateShowing
004a01a0 +0bc cumulus.exe  Controls                     TWinControl.UpdateControlState
004a2cb6 +026 cumulus.exe  Controls                     TWinControl.CMVisibleChanged
0049c384 +2d4 cumulus.exe  Controls                     TControl.WndProc
004a0c48 +568 cumulus.exe  Controls                     TWinControl.WndProc
00513d68 +594 cumulus.exe  Forms                        TCustomForm.WndProc
0049bfa8 +024 cumulus.exe  Controls                     TControl.Perform
0049a9b2 +026 cumulus.exe  Controls                     TControl.SetVisible
0051365e +03a cumulus.exe  Forms                        TCustomForm.SetVisible
0051844f +007 cumulus.exe  Forms                        TCustomForm.Show
0051869f +167 cumulus.exe  Forms                        TCustomForm.ShowModal
008c6723 +037 cumulus.exe  StationSettingsUnit  544  +6 TStationSettingsForm.FormCreate
00512b65 +031 cumulus.exe  Forms                        TCustomForm.DoCreate
005127a9 +011 cumulus.exe  Forms                        TCustomForm.AfterConstruction
00406bb1 +01d cumulus.exe  System               564  +0 @AfterConstruction
00512779 +1a1 cumulus.exe  Forms                        TCustomForm.Create
0051cf02 +076 cumulus.exe  Forms                        TApplication.CreateForm
00b16279 +1a1 cumulus.exe  Cumulus               84 +23 initialization
756433a8 +010 kernel32.dll                              BaseThreadInitThunk



It is unclear why this exception is happening. Can you perhaps track down which specific operation caused this invalid floating point operation? Can you specify the operating system?

Kind Regards, 
Scheldeman Pieter

The problem happens at start up, when the main form is shown. The main form has several Smooth Panels on it.

The three instances I have seen of this are all HP computers running Windows 7 x64.


Can you recreate a test sample so we can investigate this here?