Excel free forms and shapes

Can I build free forms and convert them to a shape in FlexCel like in the following OLE-based code?

lxFreeForm := lxExcel.ActiveSheet.Shapes.BuildFreeform(msoEditingCorner, liLeft+liWidth, liTop+5);
lxShape2   := lxFreeForm.ConvertToShape;

Can I add shapes in FlexCel like in the following OLE-based code?

lxShape := lxExcel.ActiveSheet.Shapes.AddShape(msoShapeDiamond, liLeft-liTHeight, liTop+1, liTHeight * 2,liTHeight * 2);
lxShape.Line.Visible := msoFalse;
lxShape.Fill.ForeColor.RGB := Windows.RGB(163, 163, 163);
lxShape.Fill.BackColor.RGB := Windows.RGB(0, 0, 0);

Yes, you should be able to do both things. Open the xls/x file you created with OLE in APIMate, and it should tell you the code you need to add the freeform/autoshape.