Example of how to use the File button of the Ribbo


I need a little help in implementing something similar as the File page when you click the File button on the ribbon like Excel or maybe something more simple like the File Manager of Windows. I was hoping that your Ribbon demo would cover some sort of menu but it doesn't. 

I tried hidind the controls on my main form (Ribbon / Client area and status bar) and then show a panel that covers all the client window but I see that the ribbon system button dissapear. So I am not sure if I am doing it right.



We currently do not have an Excel like menu available, but a good starting point would be to implement the TTMSFNCListBox along with the TTMSFNCPopup. The TTMSFNCPopup can be used to show the TTMSFNCListBox, which acts as a menu. We have already added this on our feature request list.
Nice, thank you Pieter, that did the trick. Hope to see your solution feature for this soon.