Event to process input as typed

In an AdvStringGrid, I want cell input to be processed as each character is typed. I tried to use OnCellEditChange, but when it is triggered the Cells[c, r] contents is not yet updated, i.e. it is missing the last character typed. Also tried other events but do not work. I searched the forum but could not find anything. What can I do?



This will depend on the type of inplace editor you're using. If you use the default inplace editor, you can read its content with

grid.NormalEdit.Text: string;

Hi Bruno,
I am using the edNormal inplace editor through OnGetEditorType; but NormalEdit.Text gives an AV. I forgot that it is an AdvSpreadGrid, may be is different here?

I retested this here on a default TAdvSpreadGrid and I cannot reproduce this.
With this component dropped on the form and the event handler:

procedure TForm4.AdvSpreadGrid1EditChange(Sender: TObject; ACol, ARow: Integer;
  Value: string);

this shows the text being editing.

Upon closer inspection, it is even easier and you can retrieve the edited cell value directly via the Value parameter of this event.

OK, I'll recheck what is going on.