Event error on some event

I have imported TadvStringGrid and TAdvEdit from VCL UI Pack, basically i can use them without problems but when I define handler for some events I get error "Event adapter not defined for 'OnCanAddCol' property (TCanSortEvent) " . seems that standard events are find (onclick, onkeypress) but more unique event cause that error.

I introduced TAdvStringGrid class
IdeScripter.DefineClassByRTTI( TAdvStringGrid );
IdeEngine.RegisterComponent( 'TMS', TAdvStringGrid);
and then just create new project and drop tadvstringgrid there and click for example onCanSort event

I was a little bit busy while writing this. Of course error caused by OnCanAddCol refers to TCanAddColEvent and TCanSortEvent type by OnCanSort Event

this actually solved my problem.

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