Evenly distributing buttons in a TTMSFNCListEditor

I want to evenly distribute the buttons across a TTMSFNCListEditor.

I have a prototype of code that would probably work, but I can figure out two things: (1) how to programmatically determine how many buttons are on the ListEditor and (2) how to determine the width of each existing button. Here is my prototype code (which I tested by hardcoding values and seems close to working). Even if you can only show me how to it in Delphi, I can convert it back to C++:

void __fastcall TForm2::FormResize(TObject *Sender)
int occupiedSpace = 0;
int itemCount = 3; // How do you do this in code?

for (int i = 0; i < itemCount; i++) {
	int IndividualItemSize = ?   // how do you do this in code ?
	occupiedSpace += IndividualItemSize;

int SpacingSize = (TMSFNCListEditor1->Width - (occupiedSpace)) / (itemCount + 1) - (6 * itemCount);
TMSFNCListEditor1->ItemAppearance->HorizontalSpacing = SpacingSize;


Item count is just TMSFNCListEditor1.Items.Count;

Unfortunately the second part is not possible, as this is all handled internally. There is no method or property that returns the width of an individual item.

OK. Can I turn this into a request to add an option to evenly distribute the buttons across the ListEditor?

We'll write this down