Error when using ' in a comment

When copying code from a non-Webcore project to my first Webcore program I was continually getting the following error message:

   [Error]untMAIN.pas( a line number ): Syntax Error.

I found that the ' character cannot be used in a comment.  For example, either 
     { Unwin's version }    or    // Unwin's version
will generate the error.  The compiler indicated that the error was in the code above the comment, which misdirected my efforts to find the problem.

If I remove the ' character - e.g., { Unwins version } - there is no compile error.  In addition, the error occurs only in the code for forms.  Non-form units do not generate an error.

A minor problem ... but it took me some time and much head scratching to identify the issue.

FYI - I am using Berlin 10.1.  And Webcore is fantastic !!!!!!

Can it be you're not using the latest version of the product?
I double-checked this here with:

procedure TForm2.WebButton1Click(Sender: TObject);
  // can't be true
  showmessage('hello world');

this works as expected.
This was an issue in an older version of the compiler but was meanwhile fixed.

I downloaded Webcore yesterday (2018.12.01).

v1.1 beta?

I don't think so.  Last Friday I purchased webCore and the associated FNC UI pack and Saturday I downloaded the setup files from "My Products".  webCore is working fine if I avoid using ' in the comments.

I will check on the version issue later, but at this moment my TMS Subscription manager tells me that the "License serve is down for maintenance".  (And it continually asks to be updated even though I downloaded and installed the latest version on Saturday. 

The v1.1 beta version can be downloaded from the "My products" page after login on our website.