Error when compiling with TMS Component Pack 6121


I have just updated my laptop to version via the subscription manager.

Now when I try building my project I get the followoing error:

[DCC Error] DBAdvGrd.pas(474): E2034 Too many actual parameters

At this section in DBAdvGrd

with d do
      for k := 1 to d.FieldCount do
        if Trim(Fields[k - 1].AsString) <> '' then  <------------------------------------------------------------------
          EmptyRow := False;

      if not EmptyRow then

Is this a issue introduced in the latest edition?


DBADVGRD.PAS is deprecated for years now and its recommended to replace a TDBAdvStringGrid by TDBAdvGrid (located in DBADVGRID.PAS) 
Either update to the recommended TDBAdvGrid or replace in DBADVGRID.PAS the calls to function Trim() by SysUtils.Trim()

Thank you Bruno.

It was indeed from years ago that the DBADVGRD was still in the uses
clause of a couple of units of mine, even though it was not used at all.

Thanks again, problem sorted.