ERROR ResizeObserver loop limit exceeded | at http://localhost:8000/Project7/rocksTruck.html [0:0]

Any idea why this error is showing please.

I think this error is stopping the css (dropdown) from being applied to the combobox. It is applied okay in the contacts tab.


Are you doing anything special with secondary forms?
Are you doing anything in code with respect to form border? You set FormStyle different from default?

I have created a new project and copied over the components. Still having the issue.

I get:

Missed an 'l' TMS Web Project

I had a similar project with video and had the same issue you are having. I solved it by copying the following css I found on some forum (if I remember correctly chrome forums)

    video::-webkit-media-controls-timeline {
      align-self: center;
      width: calc(100% - 64px);