Error open files (2 comments in 1 row + link incl)

Can not open file / stream with 2 comments in single row if edit in specific computer, no error in other computer.


Please help me how to to solve this issue

Jay. Chua

The problem here is not with FlexCel but with the file. It has
nothing to do with having  comments in a row: It is just that the
comment in cell H7 is wrong. The author is written as if it was a string
with a 1 byte length and comments are always 2 bytes length. This
causes whichever program who is reading it to read the start of the
string at the wrong place and read garbage.

You can see it yourself in the link you sent me: Google docs can't open it either.
Excel can open it, but it just reads garbage in the comment in H7.

You can easily see it by running this macro on that file:
Sub Macro1()
For i = 1 To ActiveSheet.Comments.Count
 ActiveSheet.Range("A" & i).Value = ActiveSheet.Comments(i).Author
End Sub

will see that the author for the first comment (cell A1) is AFGAN
(correct), but the comment author in cell A2 shows as 䝆乁 (And it
actually has more garbage characters that can't be read).
The reality
is that comment is corrupt: The author is actually AFGAN too if you
realize that it was stored with 1 byte length, but comments are never
saved this way.

I don't think we can really fix this because the
one wrong here is Excel: It should refuse to read the author since it
contains invalid UTF16 characters. It is just that Excel is not very
good at validating unicode, but it should do it. And Excel is just
reading a corrupt string, not the actual data.

The problem is
with the file, and I think we are doing the right thing telling it is
corrupt instead of just reading corrupt data and passing it for good.
You can of course open this file with FlexCel if you open it with Excel
and save it, but again, it will be corrupt. Excel will "fix" it when you
open it by replacing the author in comment 2 with " 䝆乁" instead of
AFGAN, then FlexCel will open it and report " 䝆乁" as the author in the

How did you got that file? If it was created with a
third party tool, the third party tool needs to be fixed. If it was
created in Excel, then somehow it was corrupted.

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