Error on moving column with active grouping

Hi @all

I'm from germany, so sorry for my english first.
I have a problem, when grouping a TAdvStringGrid and then move a column to the left.
I found, that there are CellProperties where is an CellSpanX and
CellSpanY in the BaseCell-Function. It seems to be the "correction-value"
for the merged cells. But if you move a column from column 7 to
column 5 for example and the column 2 is the column the grid is grouped by,
the cells in column 4 has (in the grouping header) some information
like "you should do any stuff to the cell which is 5 more left of me" ...
this results in an Index-Error (in german "Listenindex ├╝berschreitet
das Maximum (-1)") ...
I can solve this problem by ungroup the table in "OnColumnMove",
start a timer on "OnColumnMoved" and reset the grouping in the "OnTimer".
I've prepared a litte example (where the solving lines are made
unused by the "//") which you can found at

I hope you can reproduce it and found the error in the TAdvStringGrid.
I try to found it, but when I exchange all the cellproperties it
doesn't work (maybe I do it wrong, because I doesn't really understand
everything there in time). Nevertheless I wish all of you a nice weekend and
the luck to find the problem very quick and easy.

Friendly greetings from Papenburg, Germany

I see this project uses external components that we have not installed here (TVirtualTable)
Can you please strip this project from external components (use TClientDataset instead) and provide this so we can compile, test and investigate the issue?

Oh sorry, I thought that it was a class supported by Delphi XE itself.
I've change the source to an simple String-Array and some Random Values.
I think it should do the job.
Same Link:
Same problem.

Friendly greetings from Papenburg, Germany


Did you reproduce this error with the example?
Did you understand what I mean, when I talk about the Infos in the CellProperties,
which were moved but which should not be moved.

Friendly greetings from Papenburg, Germany

We traced & solved this issue. The next update will address this.

Thanks a lot for solving this.