Error number meaning

I have heard from a customer that he has started to see errors when downloading data. The process is handled by a VaComm component being used to download ASCII data from a simple datalogger over a serial connection. The errors are occurring on the VaComm Error event at apparently random intervals with no other indications of problems. The same code has been in use for over 15 years and is used by a few hundred customers (the component is the latest version).

What makes this really hard to trace is that the errors have only a number and the numbers the customer is seeing are not in the range of values the vaProtocol.hpp file specifies (which I believe is where they are supposed to come from). He is getting Error 24 and 26 (both positive, the codes in vaProtocol.hpp are -1 to -25)

Do you have any idea what these errors may be? Do they indicate an error external to my program? Is there any reason they are positive while the hpp file has only negative error codes?

The error comes from:


0x0010|The hardware detected a break condition.|
0x0008|The hardware detected a framing error.|
0x0002|A character-buffer overrun has occurred. The next character is lost.|
0x0001|An input buffer overflow has occurred. There is either no room in the input buffer, or a character was received after the end-of-file (EOF) character.|
0x0004|The hardware detected a parity error.|

So, error 24 means : CE_BREAK + CE_FRAME
and error 26 means : CE_BREAK + CE_FRAME + CE_OVERRUN

Thanks Bruno,
I presume that means the error is outside my program, presumably a hardware issue with the customers machine / serial connection.

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