Error installing Smooth pack 3.6 in C++ 2009

I tried to follow all the steps of the install.txt file.
However, I'm not able to install the Smooth control pack 3.6.
When I open the project, I get this message :"Invalid resource files: Stream read error".

If I ignore it and continue with the installation, when the project is linking I get: "ERROR RLINK32: Unsupported 16bit resource in file "....TMSSMOOTHCONTROLSPACKPKGC2009.res"

Any idea?
I'm working with a W7 64bits and executing C++ Builder as an administrator.

Thank you

Is this the binary version or registered full source code version?
Did you make sure to FIRST fully uninstall and delete ALL old version files?
On clean systems, we're not aware of any install problem of the TMS Smooth Controls Pack.

Thank you for your reply.

I had a previous binary version of TMS Smooth Controls Pack. So, I uninstall it with its uninstaller with no problem and I verified that there was no file in the target folder.
Then, I started the process explained in the install.txt in order to install the new components (full code). Just loading the C++ Project I got the error I said.

I will try to find other "clean" computer to test what happens there.

I changed in the project options->Resource compiler->resource type to 16 bits and then everything worked out.