Error installing latest Component Pack update

I have downloaded version of TMS Component Pack and installed it successfully (Delphi 7). However when I try to open Delphi, I get the following error message:

I've tried to locate the XMLDoc unit in the TMSD7 package but can't find it. Where should I be looking?

Laurence Bevan
New Zealand

We didn't change anything wrt required packages in the newest TMS Component Pack.

Wrt XML, have you installed any specific Delphi add-ons for that?

I uninstalled this version and reinstalled the older version I had which is and it installed fine and Delphi 7 starts up OK, so maybe it's in one of the versions between and

What exact version of Delphi 7 do you have installed? Is this Prof? Enterprise? Architect?
Can you try to add in TMSD7.DPK a reference to xmlrtl70.dcp in the requires list and recompile / install the package to see if this helps?

I'm using Delphi 7 Pro.

I've added xmlrtl70.dcp to the requires list and it's compiled and installed fine, thanks.

I had today the same problem updating from version to in Delphi 7 Pro. I used the subscription manager for the previous and current install. Only in the latest build I get that XMLDoc error.

Internally we have
already fixed this. 
The next update will
address this Delphi 7 specific issue.