Error installing FNCCoreVS on PC


I have install TSM WEB Core into vs whish works fine.
But when I try to install ( using procedure described in doc) starting with FNC CORE
I get the following Errors:

Can not find unit WEBLib.TMSFNCTypes, WEBLib.TMSFNCCustomComponent, WEBLib.TMSFNCUnits , even though above 3 pas files are in the Explorer window and they do exist.

I have un-install all including VSCODE, removed all .vscode contents and re-intsall again , but I got the same error.

What am I doing wrong?
Regards, Ertan

"resource": "/c:/Users/ebaykal/iCloudDrive/MySoftware/TMSFNCCoreVSCReg/WEBLib.TMSFNCBitmapContainer.pas",
"owner": "objectpascal",
"code": "A4711",
"severity": 8,
"message": "Cannot find unit WEBLib.TMSFNCCustomComponent",
"startLineNumber": 23,
"startColumn": 32,
"endLineNumber": 23,
"endColumn": 60