Error after resizing

Can you please describe how to check it?

I opened this url with internetexplorer and tested the javascript examples.

Everything was as expected!


Again, we have demonstrated the problem in our office using Internet Explorer standalone and the Google Maps created using JavaScript from a HTML file. I'm not sure what point you are trying to make here. If you do not believe us, we will put this sample online monday.

This is a link to the Simple Map demo from Google where the map is displayed over the entire browser window. If the browser window is maximized in IE the browser freezes.

If that helps, I just tried that link on Internet Explorer on my maximized high DPI UHD monitor, I do not see the problem. Loads right away.

V 3.34 seems to work better in a first test

Thanks for that, I agree, 3.34 seems to work a lot better

Set: v=3.34 in UWebGMapsConst.pas and see for yourselves.

            '<script type="text/javascript" src=",panoramio,weather%apikey%&language=%lang%"></script>' + #13 +

The update released today for TMS VCL WebGMaps and TMS FMX WebGMaps fixes this issue.
I think it would be a good idea to expose a configurable API version as a property.
Default could be "empty", but if a version is set, then the JS will use the API version parameter in the URL.

That is a good suggestion we will consider.

I don't to pester you with all my mails and suggestions, but I have implemented a new property "APIVersion" as well and can supply the code for that.

You can provide your code changes by email and we'll consider if they can be added in a future version.