EOleSysError 'Operation unavailable'

I don't know if this is critical, as I am still testing in the IDE, not trying the program outside of it yet.

When the program executes this statement:


the IDE shows Debugger Exception Notification:
Project raised exception class EOleSysError with message 'Operation unavailable'

Should I be concerned, or is this an exception I can ignore safely?


Do you have Microsoft Excel installed on this machine?

If not, please use TAdvGridExcelIO  : http://www.tmssoftware.com/site/asg56.asp 

Yes, I have Office 2010 (complete) setup on this machine.  I don't know that my users will though, so thank you for pointing out this oversight.

Thanks.  Now I have no error / warning message in the IDE, and the users don't have to work with Office.  Works great, and the example was perfect.