Entity with TBlob HasChanges after loaded in TAureliusDataset

I have an Entity implementing a lazy TBlob-Field saving RTF Text.
This Entity is loaded in a TAureliusDataset using SetSourceList.

Fields are generated from TAureliusDataset while opening.
Because my Blob is lazy, it is not loaded immediately.
(but I think Lazy should be ignorred for Blobs, if it is part of a Dataset)

Apart from this, Blob is loaded afterwards and saved to my Entity, so that it will not reload later on.
But setting Blob-Field just marks it as changed, so that TObjectManager.HasChanges will return true.

But nothing changed at all...

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I didn't understand this part.
Can you please provide the exact steps to reproduce the issue, or a sample project?

Just saying this in an easy way, creating Fields in a TAureliusDataset for Lazy loaded blobs will cause that TObjectManager.HasChanges will return true, because of setting Blob-Field while loading it lazy

Do you have steps to reproduce the issue?

finally I send you a small sample, because this error occurs in another case right now...

Thank you for the sample project. It helps a lot. We could identity the issue and fix will be available in the next release.