Entity Validation in CRUD Endpoints using PUT

Using PUT in a CRUD Endpoint, does not work because of failing validations.

for Example:

PUT .../dummy(someGUID)
 "id": "someGUID",
  "type": "someEnum"
Enum1 = (someEnum0, someEnum1);
Enum2 = (anotherEnum2, anotherEnum3);

TDummy = class
  FType: Enum1;
  FType2: Enum2;

if (FType = someEnum) and (FType2 = anotherEnum2) then

Would fail, if there is an OnValidate implemented, checking if type fits type2.
In this example FType2 is anotherEnum3, but because of not providing this, it will stay first value (anotherEnum2) and validation will fail

If I provide FType2, as is from previous get everything works fine, but I think Put should be used only providing properties that should be changed...
(at least it feels a little bit strange, providing same ids within URL and Body...)...

But this would be necessary, if you'd like to update corresponding ManyValuedAssocs...

Is there any way to manage, that validations would work for partially fetched (or provided) Entities?

nevermind, using Patch, as I wanted to do, but selecting the wrong method... validation works fine...

But my Example is setting an Entity within a List of my Base-Entity.
Using Patch, foreign-key ID stays empty...

  "List": [
      "text": "Test",
      "ParentEntity": "Parent(someGUID)"

how do I have to provide this curl?

PATCH method doesn't accept inline associations, as described in documentation.

The entity must not contain associated entities as inline content. If values for navigation properties should be specified, then they must be represented as an association reference. For single-valued (single entity) navigation properties, this will update the relationship (set the value of property to reference the associated object represented in the association reference).