Enhance TPictureContainer editor

I tried to use the TPictureContainer occasionally, but I stopped using
it, because the editor is almost unusable. It's even worse then the old
editor for VCL TImageList. I planned to use lists with several hundred
pictures, but that's impossible the way it is now.
Some suggestions for the editor:
- Button to Clear the whole container
- possibility to remove more than 1 picture at once
- possibility to display the contents in lists / grids of different sizes with or without names for quick selection
- possibility to search by name
- possibility to display characteristics of an image
- possibility to group images on several characteristics (name, size, colordept etc.)

would also like to suggest to write some kind of documentation and to
expand the usability by providing more methods to select images then
only by Index.
Thank you.

Thanks for the useful suggestions!