Enhance exception classes to provide more data

Exception classes like EVersionedConcurrencyControl could be more useful if they had fields or properties corresponding to the parameters currently passed to their constructors (especially if they weren't converted to string first).

That's a good suggestion. We will manage to get it included soon.


Maybe there could also be an Event or anything like this, so that we are able to react on EVersionedConcurrencyControl.

At the moment we catch EVersionedConcurrencyControl and check if there are intersections within changed fields.
If that is not the case, we proceed updating datas.
But make this work in Batch-updates is hard stuff.
Could be easier if it's an Event, that will "retry" the updates if Event returns true.

I suggest a different feature request for this.


I suggest, that we would need the following properties on `EVersionedConcurrencyControl:

  • ClassType of the failed entity
  • Id of the failed entity
  • OR maybe the failed entity itself
  • ObjectManager
  • List of Changed-Columns

At the end it comes close to TUpdatingArgs, but at least TEntityArgs