EndUpdate Taking More time in TPlanner while adding new Planneritem

TPlanner taking more time to refresh screen when we try to add new Planneritem with BeginUpdate and EndUpdate.Here EndUpdate Taking around 8 sec ,As per our investigation this 'SetConflictsGen' Procedure is the Time killer in EndUpdate Procedure.(PlannerGrid has 230 columns and 120 Planner Items).
we are using Tplanner of TMS VCL UI Pack (V10.7.8.0).
Do you have any suggestions how I could speed things up when Adding items??

Can you try to set in code
planner.ConfNonGen := true;
in the form create to see if this helps?

great that helps ,is there any difference between SetConflictsNonGen and SetConflictsGen?

In complex conflict resolution, the generic method can yield slightly better results.