embedded / headless app considerations for Miletus

If you want to use something like a Raspberry Pi for providing some kind of embedded service using Miletus, are there any particular considerations that need to be addressed?

Somewhat related, does it make sense to put an XData REST service into a Miletus app? I mean ... if I build an XData service that's targeted for Windows, then I need to run it on a Windows server. If I then want to run it on a Linux server, then I need to do the whole cross-build thing. But with Miletus, I can just make it work and then generate a different for different platforms. With proper caching, will it be reasonably performant? (It would be interesting to see some benchmarks that illustrate the performance differences.)

  1. At this moment, you cannot embed an XData REST service inside a Miletus app.
  2. At this moment, TMS XData doesn't support running on Raspberry Pi