Electron application can not run on other computers

Hi, there. I copied an Electron application(.exe) to another Windows 10 computer and tried to run it, but nothing happened when I double click the icon. This application works well on the computer which I used for development.

There are 2 files in the folder I copied: myApp.exe and TMSWebRunner.ini.

My question is: What I have to do if I want to deploy my application to other computers? Do you have any document about it?



It sounds like you did not copy the correct files. Select the correct build target from the Build configurations, and build your project.

Then go to your output folder, the executable should be available under: Your_project_folder\TMSWeb\Build-Win64\ProjectName-target
For further information see Building your project in our documentation (pg. 533).

I built a blank Electron project, set the configurations to Build-Win32 and the target Platforms is Windows 32-bit.

I can find two files in the folder Win32\Build-Win64: TMSWebRunner.ini and TryElectron.exe.

Double click TryElectron.exe,it works fine.

Copy the whole project folder to another win10 computer, When I double clicked TryElectron.exe, nothing...no form,no alart~~~

Do I have to install any TMS WEB CORE RTL libraries or depedencies to run this application on other computers?

You are still copying the incorrect files.
You should see a folder named TMSWeb in your TryElectron folder. In case of TMS WEB Core projects, that's the project output folder, not Win32.

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