editing Text cell of a rectangle opbject

I must be missing something but I want to edit the text cell of any object using a popup menu item or have an object open its text box automatically in edit mode when I double click the object

I'm using "atDiagram1.Selecteds.TextCells[0].Text := 'The text' or variations of same but that doesn't seem to work.

Is there an auto edit feature that allows the textcell to auto edit mode when you say double click an object like a rectangle inside the say blank text bod like in PowerPoint.

I've just started to use design studio again after some years and am testing in XE6 for which I have a licence and will upgrade if I can get it to work or understand it better. the documentation is not very explanatory and the help has no sample code :(

There are a lot of predefined actions
that come with TatDiagramm. Also one for editing the Text.
put a Actionlist on the form and conncted the Popup-Menu-Items with the actions. DiagramEditText should be your friend there.

To activate editing with e.g. F2 I use...

procedure TMainForm.atDiagram1KeyDown(Sender: TObject; var Key: Word;
  Shift: TShiftState);
  if ((Key=vk_F2) and (atDiagram1.SelectedCount>0)) then

Pretty sure, that there are better ways - but maybe that helps...

Thanks for the help but still having problems getting access to the standard actions

The PDF manual suggests

"They work similar to any other action descendant available in the Delphi interface: just

create a new action at design-time, based on a standard action, then attach that action

to a visual control that support actions, commonly buttons or menu items." and shows a dialog of standard actions " How does one do this when I can't seem to see how to link action manager dropped on the form to these standard actions in the dialog or am I missing a USES file/directive in the form uses section that enables these standard actions to be recognised inside action manager.

Ie how do I link the standard actions to the action manager component.

Many thanks

I've got no IDE available here. You write about the Action-Manager - what I use, is a Action-List.
Maybe this makes a difference - never used Action-Manager, I think.

You could try an approach with Action--list to see if it works.
I don't think that you have to add any Special unit manually. Everything should work fine "out of the box"...

Regards, Tom

OOPS my bad I just realised it is action lits

I don't use action lists that much apologies and have just realised that access to the TMS standard action list is via a right click on the action lits editor on a popup menu that includes standard action items

Loh and behold you are absolutely right the "ActnList" file is automatically added to the uses clause and the standard actions for diagram studio are listed below the standard actions for apps in general.

I was looking for the standard action list as per the TMS documentation which is now way out of date as far as bitmaps of forms is concerned hence partially responsible for my confusion

Problem solved thank you

Apologies just showing my ignorance :)