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I'm using TADVDBGrid to view/edit an ADO Table. Because I would like to take advantage of filtering features, the PageMode is set to False in DBGrid. Therefore, records are not updated when cell content are changed. How can I update the database after changes are made? I have tried executing a routine before closing the program that checks every row to see whether they were modified. This works fine. However, when I access the content of a cell (using Cells[][], DisplCells[][], RealCells[][]), the value returned is the original and not the modified by the user. Any suggestions?

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Editing is handled automatically when grid.PageMode = true.

When grid.PageMode = false, this is not the case. If you want editing with grid.PageMode = false, you could implement the OnCellValidate event and from this event directly update the value passed as Value parameter of this event in the DB field being edited.

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 I'm trying to update the database before closing the application by checking the modified rows. The problem that I have is that I'm not able to access the content of the modified cells. I have tried using Cells, DisplCells and RealCells. Does AdvDBGrid stores the information in another property?



When grid.PageMode = false, the updated cell values can be accessed via grid.Cells[col,row]: string

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Everything works well when the grid is not filtered. However, when the grid is filtered by one or more columns, then I have the feeling that i"m not accessing the correct raw. 

This is a snippet of the routine that it is called before closing the application

for( int i = 2; i < DBAdvGrid1->TotalRowCount(); i++)
if( DBAdvGrid1->RowModified )
PhysicalProperties_DM->ADOT_Properties->FieldByName("MW")->Value = DBAdvGrid1->Cells[DBAdvGrid1->ColumnPosition(6)].ToDouble();



If you use filtering, you'd need a DB key value in the grid and perform a locate on this DB key for each row where you need to do an update.