Echo not found among downloads

I've bought a TMS Business Subscription, but even if it says on its page that Echo is a part of TBS, I cannot download it, because there is no download lnik. Trial download is available, as usual, via left-side main menu.

Am I doing something wrong? Thank in advance for your answer.

Are you using TMS Subscription Manager to install the products? Is it not listed in the Manager user interface?

Funny thing is that I managed to install all supplied frameworks and DataModeler with no problems at all, Subscription Manager even updated itself to the newest version via online update (, but when I try to login via SM, it constantly throws an "Invalid credentials or cannot connect to server..." error.

And no, I had to install components manually, because, as I mentioned, SM does not work for me.

Found the problem. There were two e-mails with slightly different registration codes. Sorry for that. <blush>